10 Tips on how to prevent a home burglary

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10 Tips on how to prevent a home burglary

prevent home burglaries


Here are 10 easy and great tips on how to prevent a home burglary! Take a look at useful an easy to implement steps.


(1) People are your best defense

Be a visibly nosy neighbor. Let anyone walking the neighborhood or sitting in a parked car see you watching them. Make a note of car license plates and if anyone behaves suspiciously or stays in their car for a lengthy period, call the police.


(2) Tell close neighbors you trust if you plan to be away or expect any deliveries.

If they’re in the know they’re more likely to notice something you didn’t mention and spot unexpected callers at your home (burglars often call at the front door of a house to check if anyone is there).


(3) And, if you are going away, use timers to switch lights on and off at random, cancel newspapers and put a hold on your mail deliveries — or, to guard your schedule, arrange for the trusted neighbor to collect them.


(4) Having a dog is a huge deterrent.

Ironically, burglars are far more likely to avoid a house with a small dog than a big one — small dogs tend to be nervous and less easy to trick into calming down. They’re less trustful and bark louder and longer.


(5) Take a walk around your home, inside and out, to figure where the weakest link in your security might be.

High-risk places include the door from your garage into the house, back doors, side “breezeways” where a burglar would not be seen, and large shrubs close to the residence where thieves could hide.


(6) Take action to increase protection in these vulnerable places.

A great example of this would be installing keyed window locks and deadbolts on doors and using toughened glass in windows and doors. Remove those shrubs. If you leave windows open on the second floor, make sure your extension ladder is locked away.


(7) Be wary about who you allow into your home and how much information you give about your belongings and schedule.

This applies even with neighbors you don’t know or fully trust (“inside” jobs are not uncommon). And don’t leave valuables in view, inside or from outside the house.


(8) If you’re able, vary the times you leave and return home.

If your household has several cars, vary who drives them, making it more difficult for an observer to know who is home and when.


(9) Make it tough for home burglary prowlers to know whether they’re under surveillance.

Fake cameras can be good — but only if they could be taken for the real thing, not cheap plastic devices with flashing lights, which home burglars easily identify.


(10) Fake security stickers or signs don’t work either, but, if you have an alarm, real stickers and signs work.

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