More tips on preventing a home burglary

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More tips on preventing a home burglary

more home burglary prevention tips


Here are some more great, practical and useful home burglary prevention tips! Take a look!


(1) Control access to and around your property.

Consider motion-activated lights, even on the street outside your home. Neighbourhood Watch, Video Surveillance, No Parking, and No Outlet signs can be effective against home burglary too. This way, would-be thieves know you mean business.


(2) Motion-activated cameras are another powerful weapon

This can be both as a home burglary deterrent and, linked to a computer (and, better yet, to a home network), to record images of your unwelcome visitors. These days, these devices are inexpensive. Network linked cameras can even email images so you have an off-site backup (some send images automatically to a separate e-mail account, so even if the camera is disabled, you still have pictures online).


(3) An alarm system

Preferably with a visible box outside the house, will not only deter crooks but sound an immediate alert of a home burglary. You might seriously consider a system that’s monitored 24/7 by a security company who will quickly notify law enforcement of an incident.

(4) Gates, both to your property and in gated communities, can also be a home burglary deterrent, (even if there is another way out).


(5) If you have a guarded, gated community, use “Resident” Renters could have a temporary sticker they must surrender at the end of their lease, while visitors collect a pass which they must return on leaving.
Avoid creating temptation.


(6) Don’t leave things like lawn mowers and bikes unattended outside; lock them up.

Inside, burglars are more likely to go for “middle of the road” valuables than expensive jewellery and appliances — because they’re easier to redeem for cash.


(7) Don’t hide a key.

Home burglary crooks know all those “secret” places.


More Home Burglary Dangers

There are two other important home burglary facts you should know:

(1) If you’ve previously been burglarized, you’re statistically more likely — six times more to be targeted again, so you will need to take extra precautions.

(2) Home burglaries can involve much more than the theft of your valuables. If the crooks steal personal and confidential information, you could become a victim of another major scam – identity theft.


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