10 great hiding places for your house key

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10 great hiding places for your house key



You’ve just gone to collect the mail and the door has slammed shut behind you. After checking all your pockets, you soon realize you’ve left your keys indoors. How frustrating! That’s why it makes sense to have somewhere outside the house to hide a spare key for these sorts of situations. As the following examples show, it’s always best to have a plan B…

1. The birdhouse

Hidden high up in trees, a birdhouse is a great place to hide a spare key. Just make sure those magpies don’t fly away with it though!

2. Behind your car’s license plate

This is a convenient trick if you have a car or a trailer. Remember to remove the key from behind the license plate if you end up selling your car though.

3. Inside a brick

If you have a wall in your backyard, find a brick that stands out slightly from the rest and make a small hole inside of it.

4. Inside a fake drain cap

For this trick, you’ll need a resealable plastic container and a drain cap.  Place your spare key in the plastic container and screw on the drain cap. Now bury the container in gravel with the drain cap visible. Nobody will think to look inside!

5. Inside a fake faucet head

This is another variant of the drain cap trick.

6. Inside a fake sprinkler

Similar to the two previous hacks, you place your key inside a small plastic container and screw on a hose nozzle.

7. Behind the door knocker

Glue magnets to the back of a knocker and attach it to a metal door. There should be enough room to keep your spare key behind it.

8. Under a stone

There’s that handy little plastic container again. For this trick, you can also use a pine cone or leaf…

9. Inside a fake outdoor socket cover

If you lift the cover, there’s not a socket in sight. Just make sure the socket cover is securely installed.

10. Under fake dog poop

Create a large mound of hot glue and leave it to dry.  Once dry, paint it brown.  Glue the fake dog poop to a plastic container with the key inside.  Bury the container.  Now there’s no chance of someone stealing this key…

There you have it — you no longer need to worry about forgetting your keys and having to call an expensive lockout service. It’s as simple as that!

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