Keep your home secure when on holiday

December time is holiday time! Relaxing time with friends and family.  Whether away or at home, it’s vital to stay safe.

The no 1 most important thing to check before you go away or if you are at home, is your home alarm system.  Make sure you regularly test to see its working correctly.

Here are some safety tips to make sure you are safe and protected:

• Perimeter security – start with cutting back bushes and trees allowing easy access over walls or gates. Make sure there are no dark corners for criminals to hide

• Inform – let your neighbours, family, friends, neighbourhood watch and security provider know when you are going away and for how long. Always give updated emergency contact info and make sure you will be reachable

• House-sitter – make sure he/she knows how to use alarm correctly


• Get the help of your neighbour – if you can’t get a house-sitter, ask a neighbour to turn the lights on and off occasionally.  If possible, install lights with timers.

• Windows and doors – check these are all locked and secured before leaving home

• Be discreet – don’t make a big display of packing up your vehicle, or making it obvious that you will be away. Let all family know and be prepared for any emergencies.

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